On the slopes of Mount Kenya, Northern Kenya

Rutundu Log Cabins


 Rutundu is an adventurous getaway for those who enjoy rough luxe style. Completely off the beaten track, these cosy log cabins provide a true escape in an area of pure wilderness. Located on the slopes of Mount Kenya, Rutundu is at an altitude of approximately 10,200 feet (3100 metres), so the air is thin but beautifully clear.

The area surrounding Rutundu is a hiker’s paradise. Walks around Lake Alice, through Giant Groundsel and Heather forests, over moorland terrain and through the Cedar and Podo forest. Both Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice, a two-hour walk further up the mountain, are stocked with Rainbow Trout, and provide excellent opportunities for fishing. Due to Rutundu’s unique location there are ample opportunities for birdwatchers. There is also now an option of riding to Rutundu. Neighbouring Kisima Farm offers rides up the moorland and all the way to Rutundu. Overnight stays are advisable in this case. The horses are well trained polo horses and you need to be an experienced rider.



Rutundu Log Cabins are unique to Africa. Located on the edge of Lake Rutundu and overlooking the north eastern face of Mount Kenya, the rustic chic cabins are the perfect escape from the ‘safari circuit’ or the bustle of Nairobi. Rutundu has two log cabins each with open log fires and en-suite bathrooms. One room is attached to the sitting room and dining room area as well as the breakfast veranda and kitchen. The other is detached from the main building. Rutundu can accommodate four people comfortably.

Owned By: Ian Craig, William Roberts, Froome brothers.

Host: Guide, Peter Kandie - Chef, Jackson Sirma - Room Attendant, James Chepkonga

Climate: Weather conditions on Mount Kenya can be unpredictable, with bright sunny days changing into cloud, rain or hailstorms.

Season: Rutundu is open all year round except for the month of November.