Safari by private aircraft is the ultimate way to enjoy Africa's spectacular landscapes, as well as transport yourself between camps and lodges in style and with total exclusivity. Timings are down to you and your pilot, routings will often take you around the most scenic areas of the country, and it is the ultimate luxury!

Tropic Air

Tropic Air are Northern Kenya's experts. They know the hills and valleys, the flat plains and the undiscovered secrets of the dramatic northern country, and will take you there on unparalleled flights above the wilderness.

Air Lamu

Air Lamu fly private charters along Kenya's coast, operating out of Manda Bay in the Lamu archipelago. The fleet is small and exclusive, and your pilot Roland Purcell has thousands of hours flying experience in East Africa. Air Lamu is the perfect solution for those wanting to combine different coastal destinations, or get from their last safari camp down to the coast with speed and style.