SCC Kenya incorporates lodges and camps that are run and owned by individuals who have been in Africa for generations. They bring together some of the most outstanding experiences Kenya and the East African region has to offer.

These generations of Kenyans have pioneered a lifestyle based on farming, hunting, aviation and the hospitality industry. They have witnessed many changes in the evolution of the region and in turn, customised their existence around a more responsible attitude to tourism, conservation and land use whilst showing our guests Africa in its original state of pristine wilderness and savouring the best it has to offer to the first time traveller as well as the old time friends and clients of many years - to show them something new and exciting every time they come back.

Past generations have farmed, hunted and hosted, while exploring water, land and sky. Now, these individuals form SCC Kenya, allowing for over 80 years of experience to be shared with you, their welcome guests.

The Safari and Conservation Company introduces you to Africa in its original form, natural and beautiful.